9th April 2018

The reserved matters on the Newlands Development have now been resolved and it is hoped that work should commence on the site in the next few weeks.

Alma Westwood

Clerk to the Parish Council






Notes of the meeting with Sanctuary Housing re: Newlands Housing Development, held on Monday 8th August 2016 at 7.30pm in Stoke Lacy Village Hall.

Present: Councillors Neil Walters (Chairman); Clifford Bufton; John Westwood, Janet Ivison and Anne Reece; in attendance: Mrs Alma Westwood, Clerk, and Ward Councillor Jonathan Lester.

 The Chairman welcomed Ms Sophie Bell, the Sanctuary Housing representative.  This informal meeting with the Parish Council had been arranged at the request of Sanctuary Housing, which is in early negotiation to develop the Newlands site.  Ms Bell explained that Sanctuary Housing offers affordable and shared ownership housing alongside private ownership and has sites across the country.  Sanctuary retains the affordable homes and part-ownership of the shared houses so retains a vested interest in the site and the locality.  The developers would contribute to the local community by either practical or monetary means, or through apprenticeships, work experience, etc.   Sanctuary is committed to building housing itself, not contracting the work out.   For further information on this company, see their website.

This evening’s meeting was to show the Parish Council Sanctuary’s draft layout and housing mix as per their plan and to ascertain the Parish Council’s thoughts on these.  The proposed mix was: 2 1-bed apartments for social rent; 2 2-bed and 6 3-bed houses for shared ownership; the remaining 18 to be a mix of  9 3-bed, 7 4-bed and 2 5-bed houses for private sale.  The social rent and shared ownership properties would be offered to Stoke Lacy people in the first instance and it was suggested the Parish Council enquire around to discover  any interested and eligible people.   The open space as allotted in the outline planning application was discussed and it was agreed that it was not necessary in this village location.

Various concerns with the proposed layout were raised by both Parish Councillors and Ward Councillor Lester, notably the distance between new houses and existing properties.  Ms Bell said the layout would be revised in the light of comments made and concerns expressed.  A full consultation with the Parish Council on the revised layout, housing types and other reserved matters would then be held.  There would also be public consultation before any final decisions were made.

Ms Bell was thanked for her interesting and positive contribution and the meeting closed at 8.15pm.

Alma Westwood